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Coffins at lower price | Luxury coffins

Apusul funeral home offers to you coffins at lower prices and luxury coffins in a lot of colours : white, black, cherry, mahogany or different type of wood: oak, fir tree, zinc, other types. Coffins with single opening or double opening: Boston / American coffin. New born coffin. XXL coffin. Coffin for the tomb.

Free medical services

Apusul funeral home offers to you in case of a home death, a certificate of death issued by our doctor. Doctor wiil examining the body of person to see the absence of vital signs such as: pulse, breathing or heart beats. The absence of these signs indicate death, and after that the doctor will produce a medical certificate that will attest to the death.

medic constatator deces gratuit in oradea

Mortuary transport : intern and international | Repatriation

Apusul funeral home offers to you you mortuary transport in the best hygiene and safety conditions according to European standards. Repatriation from England, Austria, Germany, Italy, France, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Hungary, other countries.


Apusul funeral home offers to you at your demand, all you need to incinerate the death body at the Crematorium in Oradea. The cost of incineration is lower than the clasic funeral. The ash will be collect in a urn.

Mortuary fridge | Embalming, dressing  of the deceased

Apusul funeral home offers to you mortuary fridge to conserved the body of the deceased. Funeral home offers to you services of embalming, dressing  of the deceased with clothes from our store or with your clothes.


  • complete female and male suits, shoes, hat
  • wooden cross and iron cross
  • digging team
  • colaborate with companies for catering 

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